Hello, I’m Summer Moon. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar, Anxiety, and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder since 2009. Until, early this year, my doctors didn’t know if it was Bipolar type 1 or 2. I now know it’s type 2. I’ve struggled with my diagnosis since 2009, and I have visited many blogs and forums on the medical issue. I’ve also searched for ones that show that it is possible to have mental illness, while still truly holding the Lord God, Our Father in my heart. I have been made to feel otherwise by some people, but I refuse to believe that. So, how did I get to this point of creating my own blog?

Well, a good friend of mine created a blog last year to document her journey to the Lord. Her blog is such an inspirational read and it got me seriously thinking about blogging myself. I have followed her blog since the beginning, yet I just couldn’t get myself to make one of my own. I had the idea of its content, but not the courage to actually start one.

Then, recently, one of my nephews – with whom I grew up – started a blog of his own, documenting his journey to Africa for which he will do three months of missionary work this summer. Once again, I was inspired even more so to create my blog, but still the needed courage was absent… that is until the last couple of weeks.

A strong and incredible urge has been pulling me these weeks to finally start writing here. I’ve been trying hard to ignore that urge because there is no way I would ever post such content for the world to see. It is just not in me to do such a thing. I would never create a blog about my personal struggles. However, our plans don’t always match up with what God has in mind.

So, with that said, welcome to my blog!


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    • Aw! Thank you so much, Cate! It does bring some sunshine into my day and I am so grateful for that. I really appreciate it you thinking of me for this award. It means a lot. 🙂 Hugs!

      By the way, I was going to post on your link (the sunshine award one), but for some reason it doesn’t load for me. It starts to, but then I see an empty white boxed area, with that little blue question mark icon that shows up in the middle when an image doesn’t load properly. Really strange ’cause everything else loads perfectly fine on your site.

      • Thanks for letting me know. Is the white box where my daisies usually are? Someone mentioned it to me a few days ago but I thought it must be their computer. Sounds like I need to sort that out. Thanks.

        • No problem! It’s loading now too. 🙂 It was just the area of the actual post for the sunshine award, but the rest of the site (the header and other posts beneath it) loaded just fine. I notice you have a video, so maybe for some reason that is what was doing it. Looks to be all working now though. 🙂

  1. Hi Summer,

    I came across your site doing a google search and was very impressed with the support you offer to those with bipolar disorder. I was wondering if I could potentially contribute by writing a guest post for your site’s blog on the process of applying for Social Security Disability with bipolar disorder?

    I am a writer for the Social Security Disability Help Blog and know how difficult and confusing it can be to get approved for benefits.

    Please send me an email at ram@ssd-help.org if you think an article would help any of your readers and I would be happy to send over a draft for your review.

    Thank you for your time and consideration,

    Ram Meyyappan
    Social Security Disability Help

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