The Daisy Award *Updated*

The last few weeks have not been the best time for me. As I still continue to try and bring myself back to where I was a month ago, I have to say that this was a welcomed surprise. It put a smile on my face. Rachel Miller from My Bipolar Life has nominated me for the Daisy Award. Thank you so much, Rachel! You are such a sweet person and I feel so blessed to know you and so many other wonderful people here in this community.

Update:  I would like to also thank Cate from Infinite Sadness… or Hope? She has also nominated me for this award and I am so thankful for her kindness. I am grateful for both considerations by Rachel and Cate. Talk about putting smiles on my face.

The rules for this award are as follows (Taken from My Bipolar Life):

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Tell readers 7 unusual things about yourself.
  • Nominate some worthy bloggers.


My 7 Unusual Facts:

  1. My favorite flower is the daisy. I guess that’s not really unusual, but in addition to the meaning that this award already has by receiving it, the fact that I love daisies also adds a bit more.
  2. Probably due to my OCD, but when I put money in my wallet, I cannot let the bills go in upside down. I always think that the president faces need to be upright; otherwise it’s just wrong.
  3. I doodle a lot! And, if I don’t have something with which to write, then I will tear the pieces of paper, napkin, or whatever it is in my grasp, and make random shapes and objects with them. I hate just sitting still when I’m not actually doing something with my hands. For those in my circle of loved ones who read this. If I ever do this in front of you, please just know it’s not due to me being bored around you. It’s merely that I need to keep my hands moving sometimes.
  4. When I was a kid, I once had the sudden urge to bite my mom (please don’t think I’m a freak for this). I know now it was due to the OCD, but at the time I couldn’t understand why I suddenly wanted to bite her. I bit her hard and broke the skin, making her bleed. She got so mad at me (which I don’t blame her one bit). When she asked me why I did it, I just said it was ’cause I had to do it. I couldn’t give her a proper answer, ‘cause I didn’t have a reason that I understood. I never did that again though. To this day, I will sometimes bite my pillow when I feel stressed.
  5. I have a nervous habit, and my left thumbnail is all messed up due to it. Due to my anxiety, I began messing with my thumb years back. I still do. I rub it hard at the base of the nail until it hurts really badly. The pain of it makes me feel better when I’m having a hard time with stress and my emotions. However, due to that, my nail has not looked right since about 4 years ago. That’s when I started doing it more. My nail now is always just cracked and split, but I can’t stop what I do, ‘cause as I said it helps the emotional pain.
  6. I love watching Ellen DeGeneres clips. I think she is one of the funniest people alive and I just love so much about her. She never fails to make me laugh, and so I have often spent a few hours online watching various clips and comedy of her show and past appearances.
  7. When I was little, I thought that I didn’t need to go to high school. I thought 8th grade was the end of school and that high school was optional. I believed after 8th grade, that I would be done with school. I hated school during that time due to the bullying and missing my mom while there, and so I wanted out so badly. I was so sad when I finally learned that I had to still go to high school, and that it was college that was optional. I’m glad I got passed that.

I would like to nominate the following blogs for this award (as always, I wish I could nominate every one of you awesome bloggers out there):

10 thoughts on “The Daisy Award *Updated*

    • I am so sorry for taking so long to approve and reply to your comment. I noticed right now that I had two comments that I had pending, and didn’t realize it. Your’s was one of them. I’m not sure how I didn’t realize it sooner. I kept wondering why I had a “2” next to the comments link in my dashboard, but never put it together. I kept looking at the main comments area, and didn’t realize that I had to click on the “pending” tab for some reason. They usually all go to the same comments list for approval, but for whatever reason these 2 went to the “pending”.

      Well, with that all said, I’d like to say thank you very much for your wish of congratulations. I appreciate your comment and the kind wish. 🙂

      Take care of yourself and from now on I will be much more aware of my pending comments.

  1. Lol, I have to put my bills in order. But the largest denomination at the back, the smallest in the front. So, for instance, one 20 in the back, 2 10s, 3 1s, would be the order from back to front.

    • Oh my goodness! I don’t know what happened, but I just realized that I had two comments awaiting approval, your’s being one of them. I didn’t get the notification, but kept seeing a “2” next to the comments link but couldn’t figure out why it said that. So sorry it took me so long to approve and reply. I need to pay better attention to that from now on. At least now I know where to look when I see numbers near my links.

      In response to your comment, I love that you do that with your bills! 🙂 It’s good to know I’m not the only one with a bill routine sort of speak. 🙂 It’s funny how we have these kinds of rituals in our lives. I think it’s cool at the same time too.

      Thanks so much for the comment! 🙂

  2. Hey, we have the same favourite flower! 🙂 Daisies are stunningly simple and my eyes always light up when I see one. Anyway what this means is that you definitely need and deserve (of course) two Daisy Awards. 🙂

    • Thank you, Cate! You’re so awesome! 🙂

      And, I think that’s so cool that we both like daisies. Their simplicity is what strikes me too. I think all flowers are beautiful, but when it comes to the daisy, I just find them to be serene and calming, as they don’t have too many distracting features.

  3. I love reading people’s quirky information in award acceptances, it’s really fun. What an awful shock when you realized you had to go to high school! That’s horrible!

    I really hope you’re feeling a bit better and glad I made you smile 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you, Rachel! 🙂 I enjoy reading the facts people write about themselves too. It’s such a fun way to get to know people. And yeah, it was a shock indeed about high school. lol, so funny how we think as kids.

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