A Superior Species

Last week, I was watching the newest episode of ‘Through the Wormhole’, hosted by Morgan Freeman. It’s a fantastic show on the Science Channel that discusses various scientific topics from week to week. It just started its new season (it’s a summer show), and I am once again enjoying an hour of television every week.

The episode from last week discussed the issue of ‘race’, and whether or not there is a superior one (based on scientific fact) in the world. Obviously, this is a controversial issue and I’m not going to get into that side of it. I will just say that by the end of the episode we realize that there is not any significant difference between races, aside from basically the external features. The entire episode was great to watch, however it was not until the end that a thought popped into my head. In the last ten minutes or so of the episode, as information was being brought to a conclusion, two distinct statements provoked this thought.

Working Together

Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland is a pioneer in Computational Social Science at MIT, here in the United States. He was being interviewed, and giving his opinion on where he thinks our society as whole is going in terms of race. His view was quite intriguing to me. He stated:

What you’ll see in the future [is] where we’ll be able to pull our experience to make all of our individual experiences better.

He states that this will be the result of social media technology and how we are all connected now. When something is happening around the world, we have access to the news and experience as soon as the first person pulls out their phone, films or photographs it, and posts it online somewhere. We are combining our thoughts, ideas, and overall life experiences together due to social media technology, and the result is a society that is enhancing itself.

It Doesn’t End There

This was only the first statement that made me say, “Whoa!” Morgan Freeman made the second statement in regard to race, as he closed out the show.

… Now something new is happening in human history. We don’t have room to be separate anymore. Technology, combined with our deep instincts to work together, is about to push us one giant step forward. And, we’ll create not a superior race, but a superior species to which we will all belong.

That has to be one of the best ‘hope for humanity’ statements I’ve ever heard. The reason I feel this way is due to the fact that I’m seeing it in my own life already. Hearing Freeman make such a statement is one thing, but to hear it and realize that you have proof of this in your own life is fantastic!

Do You See Where I’m Going?

Maybe you already know to what I’m referring… US! All of US! We are bloggers and readers of blogs. Many bloggers exist around the world, and daily write about multiple topics. We are all connected together in the blogging universe. However, at this moment I’m going to focus on our segment… the mental health community.

We are connected through this form of social media. We are enhancing each other’s lives by sharing our own experiences, and joining together in a supportive and compassionate environment. In turn, we are enriching our own personal lives even more so through the process. Whether you blog, read our blogs, or both, you are a part of this community. Outspoken or silent, you are a part of this community. And, whether you are a sufferer of mental illness, or know someone who suffers, you are a part of this community. Some of us are writing. Some of us are only reading, but we are all learning. As a result, we have the truth of who we are being spread throughout the world.

How awesome is that? We are working together in our own ways, creating an environment where we can listen, speak, provide support, seek support, and be honest with the world and ourselves. We are currently in the process of creating that future society that Sandy Pentland speaks about. “… We’ll be able to pull our experience to make all of our individual experiences better.” With each post, we are pulling our minds and voices together, and hopefully moving our society one step closer to acceptance and an accurate understanding of mental illness. I thank God for bringing me to this community.

We are creating a place for us in this world that, for too long, has hidden us away.

We are creating a place for us in that ‘superior species’.



2 thoughts on “A Superior Species

    • Wow!!! That’s awesome! He seems like such an interesting person and I love his view of how we’re moving forward in this way. It’s just a hopeful way to look at this online world that can often be overrun by trolls and rudeness by people who just use it in a negative way. I like how he focuses on the positive that is coming out of it. That must be so great to have contact with his students and collaborators. Indeed it is very small world. 🙂

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