One of Those Days

Every now and then, you find a gem in a mound of plain stones. Earlier this week, I was visiting a website that had a bookstore attached. It was a Christian bookstore and I started browsing the selection that it had. I came across a children’s book called One of Those Days – A Silk Family Story, adapted by Karen Renee Johnson and Illustrated by Matthew Thayer. The title really grabbed my attention, and although it was for children, my interest was quite piqued. I then read that it was part of a series of books by the Silk family who retells these true stories of their family in children’s book form. The night that I came across this book, was the end to a not-so-great day, and so when I read the synopsis I thought it was such a cute little story that I just had to read it. So, I went ahead and purchased it on a whim.

When the book arrived today, I sat down to read the short, but wonderfully written story.

I woke up this morning and got out of bed.
I tripped on my shoes, and then hit my head.

My room was a mess!
My clothes were all dirty!
I looked at the clock… it read 7:30!

Courtesy of the Loving on Purpose Blog

The main character is Levi, a young boy who is having one heck of a bad day. He tells the story of his day, from his fall in the morning to his stinky clothes, and then being sent home from school. Levi is battling frustration, anger and disappointment in his life due to his upside down day. When his mom picks him up after he gets sent home, Levi is just waiting for the coming punishment. They head to a grocery store together and Levi lags behind his mother in the aisles. He’s sulking and dreading the words that are sure to be coming from his mom at any moment. Except what he doesn’t realize is that his mom does indeed have words for him, but positive ones.

Levi, my son… I’m so proud of you!

Levi is perplexed.

What?! Was she kidding? I couldn’t agree.

How could Mom stand there and say that to me?

Levi remains quite confused as they both continue their shopping. He still cannot believe what his mother said to him, yet once again while they’re in the store, she says it again.

Levi, my son… I’m so proud of you!

He now really begins to wonder what on earth is going on. He was expecting punishment, not praise. He probably would not have believed his ears if not for a third proclamation of praise in the car on the way home. It is then, when his mom’s words finally hit him and he realizes that she really means what she is saying.

I felt light and free as my mom spoke.
Something shifted inside and the heaviness broke!

AHA! She’s staying connected! I see…
Mom won’t let the problem de-value me!

Levi now feels like he is worthy of more than just punishment, but also of love and understanding. His mom is not focusing on the negatives of the day, but rather the positives that exist inside of her son that had just been clouded over by those negatives. Through her love she teaches her son “that it’s not how you start your day, but how you end it that really matters.” (Johnson, Synopsis)

He realizes all of this now. Therefore, after a fourth praise of pride from his mom in their kitchen, Levi interrupts her before she can finish the verbal applause, and with an adorably illustrated smile he says,

I know, I know… you are soooo proud of me.

His mother enjoys her son’s response…

We stood there and laughed as Mom sipped her tea.
Inside I felt loved just for being me!

I realized I’m AWESOME! God made me that way
And that doesn’t change on a GOOD or BAD day.

And, to think… I purchased this on a whim.

I guess I was just having one of those days.


*All quotes courtesy of One of Those Days: A Silk Family Story, adapted by Karen Renee Johnson and Illustrated by Matthew Thayer. The Silk family has a blog! You can visit it here.


6 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. As a former Children’s Literature and life-long kid at heart, this post makes me extra-specially happy!

    What a wonderful message: we ARE NOT our problems. We’re so much bigger and more beautiful than the troubles we encounter. In fact, I think I’m going to start to try to remember to tell myself, “Eileen, my dear me…I am so proud of you” — just to remind myself of this.

    Double in fact, I have to say, “Summer, my dear friend…I am so proud of you.” Because it’s absolutely true and ought to be stated. 🙂

    Thank you for this lovely, uplifting post. I feel like one big smile after reading it.

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