Why Does the World Keep Ending?


The World Keeps Ending!

… At least in my recent nightmares. I’m not sure what’s going on, but within the last week, I have had similar world-ending (literally) nightmares for three non-consecutive nights. I’m really getting sick and tired of them, as they cause me to awaken with horrible anxiety, sweating, and I become emotionally upset.

Each one involves the same reason for our extinction… Nuclear Weapons being fired at us. I have no idea who fires the weapons, as that is never stated. It’s just known that an enemy has fired weapons at the U.S. and in turn we are firing back… hence the all out extinction of life, as we know it. I debated writing about these dreams after last weekend’s first two, because I just saw them as random nightmares. However, after having a third similar one this week, I finally just want to write about them. Hopefully, that will maybe stop me from having them? I don’t recall the third one much, just that it was about the same issue. But, the first two are still pretty clear.

So, here they go…

The First Destruction

The dream began simply, but with a sense of strange eeriness. I was out running errands as the sun went down and the sky had that twilight blue in it. It was then that I hear on the radio that we have missiles coming our way, aimed to hit and destroy the United States. I immediately start to think of my mom and realize that I need to hurry home and get to her.

Once I arrive home, I remember asking her where my dad is and she says that he’s on his way home. We’re sitting in the dark in their bedroom and they have windows that are open up to the sky. In reality, there are no windows up that high in their bedroom, but in the dream, the windows are up near the ceiling. I remember looking up and outside the windows and just waiting for my dad to come home. Suddenly, I hear my dad and other family members coming in the house so I turn my attention to the bedroom door. My dad and other family come rushing into view and are yelling, “They’re coming! They’re coming!” I then look up and out of the windows. In the sky, I see countless missiles flying overhead. I realize now that it’s happening. We’re all about to die. We all huddle together in that darkened bedroom. We’re gripped together in one huge hug, as we just hold each other and pray. The last thing that I remember in the dream is looking out the window and seeing a missile coming down in our direction.

It was then that I woke up.

I was not feeling well when I woke up. I felt scared and my anxiety was skyrocketing. I couldn’t get back to sleep for another couple of hours and just lay there thinking about the dream. It scared me so much, and I just couldn’t wait for the sun to come up.

The Second Destruction

As mentally screwing as the first dream was, it felt like a cake-walk (seriously, where does that phrase even come from?) compared to the second one a couple of nights later. I went to sleep with a horrible headache that night, which is why I think that I had the nightmare in the first place. However, once again, it was the same theme of the world ending due to nukes, so I couldn’t understand why that theme popped up, yet again.

Overall, the dream started off quite normal. It didn’t even start off as a nightmare, and it definitely did not have the usual aura of darkness, fear, and devastation that most of my nightmares – including the first dream – have had from the get go. I think that is why this one was so disturbing for myself. It seemed so innocent, but quickly turned into a horror movie. I was in our backyard, walking around. It was a beautiful and sunny morning, and the air was peaceful. I was alone and could not hear another voice within earshot, and that was nice. I liked the calmness that surrounded me. I did not have fear or anxiety in the dream.

The serenity did not last long, though. I began hearing a plane off in the distance. I walked to an area of the yard where I could see the sky more clearly beyond the trees, and there it was. A jet was wobbling from side to side and suddenly began to nosedive behind the trees that obscured my view. I could tell that it was about to crash into the next street over. However, then I see something out of the corner of my left eye. I look up and realize it’s one of the jet’s engines that had somehow made it to that side of the sky and was coming right at our street. It looked just like a jet engine, and I knew it was one in my dream. Yet, when I saw it coming toward our street, my mind did a strange visual comprehension switch and said it was a bomb that was going to explode. It was at that moment that I knew it was a nuclear bomb that was about to explode and wipe us out. I immediately turned around and quickly began running back toward the house. It was such a quick thought, but I went from thinking that I had to hurry and get to my mom, to thinking that it doesn’t matter, ‘cause we’re all going to be dead and together in Heaven in just a few moments.

It was then that the bomb exploded behind me. I could see the bright orange flash bounce off of the house and I felt the horrible heat on me. Then, the shockwave hit and I went flying. I remember just lying there, motionless and feeling like I was on fire. My head felt like it was going to explode (probably due to the headache that I had in real life). I began to realize that I was dying. I could feel life slipping away in the dream. I felt like I was going to sleep, but I knew it would be for the last time. As it happened, I kept trying to talk, but the words didn’t want to come out. I wanted to say, “Lord, please take me home.” I think that I was trying to talk in reality though, because all that I could get out was, “Lord”, and the rest was like trying to blow molasses out through a straw.

Once again, that’s when I woke up.

This one was so disturbing for me due to the fact that I was so close to death that time. In the first dream, I knew I was going to die, but I couldn’t physically feel it. I just saw the missiles coming and I knew that was the end. However, in this dream, I felt it. I heard the explosion, I felt the heat and fire, and I experienced the motion of having my body thrown against my will from the shockwave. And, worst of all, I felt my life slipping away. My eyes were closed and I was in complete darkness, as my life just seemed to slowly dwindle out of existence.

As I’ve said, I unfortunately – or fortunately, depending on how you view it – cannot remember the most recent dream. I just remember how I felt when I awoke. I remember that it was once again about nuclear weapons destroying life as we know it, but I just can’t remember any other details from it. I do recall the anxiety that I felt upon awakening, though. I was sick to my stomach again, and could not get back to sleep. Maybe I’m subconsciously blocking that dream out now, I don’t know. But, I guess it’s a good thing I don’t remember too much about it.

A strange occurrence regarding these dreams is that they all seem to happen around the same time of 3-4 in the morning. And, once I wake up from them, I’m too unnerved and upset to go back to sleep. So, I end up staying awake until 5-6am. It’s been the same exact situation for all three dreams. I find that strange. As I’ve said in previous posts, I don’t believe in coincidences, so it makes me want to figure out why that time of night has been host to these awful dreams. Anyone have any ideas or theories? I’m all ears!

As I have stated in one of my past posts, What If It’s All Just a Dream, I have always been interested in the topic of dreams. I find them fascinating at times. So, these series of dreams – as disturbing as they have been – have made me really wonder why they are happening in the first place.

Can Our Dream-Selves Die?

I just cannot seem to forget the feelings that I had in those final moments of the second dream. It all felt so real, as many dreams and nightmares do. I cannot remember where I read it, but I once read that it is impossible for us to die in our dreams. We can dream that we are getting ever so close to death, or that we are living in an afterlife, but we will never dream that we actually die. The reason, according to what I read, is that our minds can’t fathom it, since we have not experienced our own deaths. Therefore, our minds do not have that experience to create a dream scenario for it. It is said that if we die in our dreams, then that means we have died in reality (in our sleep).

Supposedly, this is merely a myth and people have reported their dream-selves indeed dying in a dream. I have always come close to death, but never reached that pinnacle point in my state of sleep. I still find the myth to be somewhat intriguing though, because it makes quite a bit of sense. But, I guess myths do, which is why they survive in the first place.

How about you? Have any of you dreamt that you’ve actually died? Have you witnessed the actual experience of living and then that life being taken away from you?

If anyone would like to share those answers, or any dreams that he or she has had, then please do so below. I’d love to read about them.


20 thoughts on “Why Does the World Keep Ending?

  1. I’ve had a dream where I was driving in a car on an icy mountain pass (with no guardrails!) and I lost control of the car and plummeted off the mountain and onto a jagged rock below. But when the car went off the side of the pass, I became “out of body”–I was watching my fate. And I continued to watch after I had “died”. It was really weird.

  2. Sorry to hear about your dreams, they sound horrible. Hopefully now that you’ve written about them, they’ll be out of your system so to speak.

    I’ve never had a dream where I’ve died, but I’ve been shot at & just as I’m about to die I’ve flipped into a different person.

    • Thanks, I really hope they stop now too. In regards to your dream, that’s interesting about turning into someone else upon dying in the dream. I find it so intriguing how are brains deal with such experiences in our dreams and nightmares. I think it was in The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, or maybe Being John Malcovich, but there was a scene where the character goes into the brain’s memory room. It was a room filled with video screens and each one was a different memory in that person’s life. I’ve always loved that scene (yet can’t remember which movie it was from for sure lol), but it makes me think about dreams and where they come from. It’s like a jumbled mix of all of those memories on the video screens.

  3. Whew. If I get started on this it’ll be novel length, so I’d better not. I -can- tell you where “cakewalk” came from, if you want? But the rest, the dreams and all that…it’s one of my buttons, as it directly relates to myth, and mythos, and the collective unconscious, and…yeah. See? 😉 I have a -lot- of ideas/thoughts on your dreams, dreams in general, and the feeling of dying in a dream…but the only one I’ll say without permission to be long-winded is that dreams come at a certain cycle of your sleep, so most likely if you go to sleep at a regular time, it makes sense that 3-4 is your normal time to hit that sleep cycle. Not to be banal, just wanted to throw that concept in there. 🙂


    • Just realized that sounded like all my repressed comments were of the annoyingly banal and “pseudo-scientific” kind, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. Only science-y thing in there was the last one… 😉


    • Thanks so much for reading and following my blog. I appreciate the interest. 🙂 I’d love to hear where “cakewalk” comes from. It’s so funny ’cause I’ve used that many times, but never know why it’s the phrase of choice for such instances. As for the dreams, I’d also love to hear your take on them as a whole. They’ve always fascinated me. I even have a dream book that when I was a kid, whenever I’d have a dream I’d look it up in the book. I haven’t done that in years, but dreams are often a subject in my therapy sessions.

      Your comment about the timing of my sleep and dreams definitely makes sense. That could easily be it. My sleep patterns tend to be all over the place, as I’ve never been a great sleeper. However, those nights I believe I went to sleep around the same time (1am or so). I really hope it was something simple like that ’cause as intriguing as dreams are, I tend to get all obsessive about them sometimes. I think it’s my OCD and anxiety that causes me to often think zebras and not horses. So, the repetitive theme, combined with the timing of the dreams, made me worry that something kind of negative was at the source of it. I have enough negative thoughts flying through this messy brain already, I don’t need my dreams crowding it too, lol. 🙂

      • Hokay, you got it. Cakewalk…well, I dunno how old you are, or if you ever went to a church social or bake sale or such. One of the traditions of those (in some places/times/versions) was the Cakewalk. Like Musical Chairs or a Raffle, but with cake. Cakes, I should say, as there were usually a whole table full of them, all donated and handbaked (it was real competition to have your cake picked for the cakewalk) by the local ladies. People bought tickets, and the organizers laid out squares with numbers on them, as many as bought tickets, in a circle. Then they played music, and when it stopped, the person on that number won a cake. Then they took a number away and did it again…and again, and again, until everyone who’d bought a ticket got a cake. The only competitive part was just -which- cake was chosen to go first, etc, as the feeling was that the last person got the lowest cake, as it were. So, yeah…”cakewalk” means something easy, or taking little to no work. “Takes the cake” also comes from there. So now you know…yay trivia. 😉

        Dreams…these are mostly my thoughts/feelings/theories as I’ve done -some- research but they never seemed to quite make as much sense as my own. (Ego much? Nahh. ) On the other hand, I -have- studied quite a lot about shared myths, myth-history, and the concept of a collective unconscious. To shorten all of that, what you are is what you are brought up with. Especially and most importantly what you read, watched, listened to, were told…all the stories. People don’t realize what an impact story makes on our lives…because most see “stories” as something out of kids books or faery tales…which are both -awesome- repositories of exactly what I mean…however, they are not the only place stories come from. Do you remember any stories you told or were told as a kid, stuff like “whats in the woods behind the school” or “the white van that catches kids” or “that one scary lady with the dog that eats kids” or…etc., etc., etc.? There’s another class of stories-we-grew-up-with that’s called “What my Mommy/Daddy told me” and its counterpart, “What my Mommy/Daddy -didn’t- tell me.” Not just the tooth fairy and santa claus, but stuff like “If you eat watermelon seeds they’ll grow in your stomach” or “Bubble gum stays in your stomach for 100 yrs.!” or “Don’t go out, it’s raining…do you want to catch a cold?” On the other hand…”Mommy, where do I come from? San Diego, go ask your father.” All those little things that were too uncomfortable, on either side, to ask/tell about…so they came from peer groups and fiction and other not-so-reliable sources. Urban myths also fall into that category, campfire tales, gossip, and now, inevitably, the internet…just so the above can get even -more- tangled and mixed up. *laughs* Whoops. Sorry, rant button pushed. Point was, originally, that a lot of that stuff is mixed up in your head along with that room of memories and images you saw once but don’t remember and bits of conversations overheard from infancy on and…all this mixes and mingles in the “dream room” of even the most boring, banal sounding person in the world…they just don’t pay as much attention to it.

        I hate when people say “Oh, I don’t dream.” I just want to look at them and say “Oh, so you’re saying you’re incurably insane?” Because that’s what happens to people without the release of dream. It’s part of why sleep deprivation can drive people crazy. If the dream-mind doesn’t have an outlet, it starts spilling over into other parts of the brain, parts that aren’t ready for it, and have basically a breakdown. “Ohgod-ohgod-ohgod what am I feeling, what is this, I can’t handle it!” Not good. Luckily, most of the people who say they don’t dream, just don’t remember their dreams. Sometimes they sleep too shallowly, and never really fall into REM sleep…as in people with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders. Sometimes they’re just not imaginative, so like a boring program on the radio they just tune them out. I feel very sorry for them.

        I love my dreams…good and bad. Of course the bad ones hurt, and since they hook right into your emotions to get their pull, they can feel real, and hang on after you wake up and right into another night, if you keep thinking about them and keep them at the forefront of your thoughts that day. I have dreams so bad I wake up crying hysterically, out loud, but most of the time, if I try to write it down, I just look at it and go “Why did this upset me that much?”. It’s all unconscious, usually. All the “dream symbol” things are, to me, useless. as all they can say is what -that- person saw in their dreams. Or in the case of the ones who get all psychiatric and freudian and such, what some professor or scientist saw that some statistically idiotic amount of people saw. *rolls eyes* Seriously? To me, the best idea with making a dream journal…and it -is- a good idea…is just to write them down as soon as you can and as completely as you can…usually just after you wake up, and I mean before you stand up out of bed. You lose 50% of a dream within the first 15 min. after waking. Don’t try to interpret, just write them down as if you’re a reporter doing an article. Who, what, when, where, how. Worry about why later. Then, if you want to look at them and try to interpret, you’ll have them, and your brain will be fresh and not still in the dream space. There are some fun theories that I like to use, just as a sort of template for interpreting…one of my favorites says that when you dream about a house or building in a dream (one that you walk around in, not just one on the street) that that is a visualization of you. Your body, your mind, etc., and how you feel about it at the time. For instance, say you had a dream about going to a party, in your ideal house, with all the people you’d love to party with…got that? Now let’s split it into two different scenarios, using the same set. In one, you are frustrated, because no matter what you do, the house is too crowded, you can’t get in. Too many people for the doors to open, for you to squeeze in…and you know it’s your house, and you’re really unhappy because all these…people…won’t let you in to have the good time you know you should be having! In the other, it’s your party, and you’re wandering around, trying to talk to people who keep turning away to talk to someone right next to you, trying to dance with people who don’t even look at you as they turn to dance with someone else, all these fantastic people that you’ve always wanted to meet, to be…and they can’t even see you, even though they’re in your house, having fun at your party!

        See how two different scenes make two totally different interpretations? It’s not always that barefaced and open, not even most times…but once you gather enough evidence, in the form of your journals, you can start to see the patterns and what things mean what in what context.

        All this to say that I wouldn’t dare to interpret your nuclear bomb dreams for you, all I can give you are some bare impressions from a pseudo-psychiatrist-poet-crazyperson-empath. For one thing, let’s start with the obvious. You’re anxious about something. Something that seems cataclysmic in its scope. You may not even know, consciously, what the anxiety is, or how strong it is. I think that it involves your family is not necessarily a worry…more that, for you, anything world-ending would automatically mean losing your family. In the second dream, the lack of warning might mean an escalation in the anxiety…like an alarm-clock getting louder and louder until we wake up. From warned death and destruction of all you hold dear, to unwarned, to…whatever happened in the third dream. *hugs* I would suggest “talking” to yourself, and trying to get a handle on what your anxious about to that level…and then working on it from there. Otherwise it’s likely to keep going to a point, then switch to other tactics, which you know as someone with bipolar, can be pretty bad.

        Now, on the subject of dying in a dream. For me, and I think for many people with psychiatric disorders that may include suicidal ideations and tendencies, dying in a dream is never unpleasant. No explosions, or long-lasting pain, or slowly wasting away in a hospital…whatever the cause, whether self or other caused, it’s always reasonably paced and gentle. As you put it, a slow dwindling away feeling…this is totally subjective, how it seems to me, not a comment on you or your mind. Strangely, this is also the case with any “magic” feeling in a dream. Learning to fly…you have to think, and go deep, and let that slow, slow feeling pour out of your body, until you almost can’t breathe…and then take a deep breath and you’re there, you can fly! Or transform…etc. Again, for me. 🙂

        That said, I really don’t know what it means…or I do and just don’t want to look too closely at it at this stage in my “recovery” or learning process.

        *yawns* So there you go. If I forgot anything, rambled, or you just want to talk more about it, lemme know. I -really-really-really wish WP would come up with a page/site exclusive chat function!! *face-desk*


        Also? I warned you… 😉

        • Wow!!!! What a great read! Thanks so much for sharing this. A couple of things popped out at me immediately upon reading them. The part where you say that our dreams have to occur otherwise we’d become completely insane is really interesting. I’ve always seen them as a release, but not to that degree I guess. That is a truly fascinating fact to me. Along, with the fact that they are creations of things that have happened since infancy. To think that I do have memories from being a baby stored up in my brain is such a fantastic thought. Too bad Harry Potter’s pensieves don’t really exist.

          The next thing that you said that really grabbed me was the example you gave of a house. I know that was just an example you were using, but that’s so crazy ’cause I have had many dreams since my diagnosis, of a house that I’ve never been in. I can picture it now ’cause I’ve dreamed about it so many times over the last 2 1/2 years. The dreams where this house appears, are always different in context, but one constant remains… my anxiety. I’m always trying hard to find a private space within the house where I can get away from all of the people (family) who are there for some gathering. That house has been the source of some issues that have since even resolved themselves. For example, I kept dreaming about one of my cousins who had twins a couple years ago. I had not met her kids due to my anxiety making me practically a recluse, and in this house my cousin kept appearing along with her girls and I would talk with them. However, after I finally communicated with her via email (communication had also been nil for those 2 years) she no longer appeared in that house (at least not in that context).

          Finally, what you say about dying in dreams and psychiatric disorders… wow! I didn’t know that that was a common style of dying for people with such disorders. That kind of helps me understand why my death was as it was in the dream. The explosion itself was frightening and I felt the fire, getting thrown, and my head tightening (which had to be due to the headache). But when I was actually past the initial destruction that had occurred in the dream, and was at that final dying point, I didn’t feel anything anymore. It was basically numb and I couldn’t even talk. I was just lying there in darkness as my eyes were closed. Like I had said in my post, it was just like I was falling asleep, but I was aware it was for the last time. And, my life just dwindled away. Then, in that first dream with the missile coming at me and my family. I remember that when it was coming down at us, I watched it briefly and then awoke before it hit. But, as I watched it in that group hug with my family, I felt at peace at that point. There was fear seeing the images of the missiles, but the actual death that was coming wasn’t as frightening anymore ’cause we were embraced together and praying, and I knew we’d all be together afterwards.

          This gives me a lot to think about. For one, I need to start keeping my dream journal by my head and write in it way more often. Not just when the dreams stand out like this one. I want to start noticing those patterns that you talk about.

          Thanks so much for your response! This was very interesting to read, and I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    • LOL!!! You and me both! 🙂 Considering how much I always write for my posts and comments, I should have my book finished too. What’s up with that!? lol, no worries about the long comment though, I loved reading it. 🙂

      Oh and thanks for the answer to the cakewalk question lol. Now that totally makes sense. I get a kick out of how everyone got a cake. Now that’s my kinda contest lol. 😉

      • *chuckles* Only problem is, usually the tickets cost more than just buying the cake…but that was the fundraising part, see. 😉

        Good insights on the dreams, btw. I’m glad some of that could help. I really do use the “building is you” theory a lot…only issue there is that most of my buildings are things like abandoned shopping malls (lots and lots of floors and elevators and ex-escalators, and hallways and doors, locked and unlocked… >;<) hospitals ( lots and lots of…well, you can probably guess, but a lot less creepy and more just…too quiet, and very very sad. Like if you woke up after being sick for a long long time, and everyone was gone. ) or factories (parts and bits of constructions that look like they'd be awesome if they ever got finished but totally dusty and old, and random piles of junk and stuff with sharp bits and glass and such that you have to crawl under or climb over to get to where you want to go, and sometimes bits and pieces of people that you think must be mannequin parts until you get close and see that they're hands and arms and such torn off by machinery). Yeah…did I mention that I was crazy? 😉 Mine is bpd as opposed to bi-polar, but they're related enough for empathy. 🙂

        Talk to you later, I hope!


        • True indeed, they are pretty related from what I’ve read on bpd. I still can’t get over the “building is you” theory. That house I see is me. It’s just such a cool concept really. Kinda sad too ’cause it’s always associated with anxiety and me trying to get away from the crowd, but still a truly fascinating thing to learn about. Thanks again! 🙂

        • It’s a novel that I’ve been writing since late 2010. It’s a cross between science fiction, faith (not any one in particular), and the paranormal. Probably a strange combo, but those are all interests of mine, particularly the paranormal (since I was a kid), so it’s been coming together. I have a few chapters finished now. It’s going to be aimed at the young adult market, but I’m hoping it will be one of those stories that adults of all ages can enjoy as well.

          My story is one of good vs. evil. Therefore, I think my biggest fear (and what’s keeping me from completing it) is allowing myself to go to dark places (a bit evil in regards to the faith end of the story, but more just as purely terrifying in regards to the paranormal and sic-fi end). I am so used to hiding my OCD dark thoughts from everyone, that I need to allow myself to just let them come out. I can do it a little more easily here on my blog which has helped me a great deal. I’m hoping that will also help me do it in my book.

          In addition, I want to write another book on my bipolar, OCD, and anxiety experiences, but still not sure how to go about it. Not sure if I want to write a non-fiction or fiction style book that’s just based around them. That’s one I need to give more thought to, as it’s just in the brainstorming stages at the moment.

          Thanks for your interest! 🙂

          • *sighs* I -seriously- need to work on Blue and Grey. If I could just put as much work/words into it as I do in comments and posts, I’d have it finished by Christmas… >;<

  4. I read a lot of Sci Fi books & there is a fair bit linked to religion. The paranormal though, not so much. I don’t see why all three couldn’t mix together well. Good luck with it it sounds interesting!

    KC, What is Blue & Grey about?

  5. I still have a book about interpreting dreams that I found back in the 80s. It’s the only dream book that ever made sense. Most of the ones I’d look into were the “woo-woo” spooky/weird/way-far-out-there type. This one, which I haven’t used in a long time as I don’t remember many dreams anymore due to my erratic sleep pattern, is quite logical. It’s arranged alphabetically by subject and gives answers in different categories: Almost always means; sometimes means; rarely means. So you can take the main parts of your dream, look them up, see which one fits you, add them all up and then your dreams make sense. I love that book!! It’s so old, it’s out of print now!! 🙂 It was so right on that I was going around interpreting everyone’s dreams!! It was great, especially for my young niece who’d had a horrible nightmare because it took something scary and made perfect sense for what was going on in her life, thereby taking the fear away from her. It helped me understand one of my nightmares, too, which also removed the lingering fear I’d had from it since it was so vivid!!

    I had always heard that if you fell in your dream and landed, you’d die in your sleep. I had a lot of falling dreams throughout my life, but I’d always awaken mid-fall and scared to death with that elevator-going-down-too-fast feeling in the pit of my stomach. Then one night I was walking along the edge of a canyon, following single-file a procession of people that I won’t even go into, and suddenly I fell off. It was a looonnnngggg way down and I hit the bottom of the canyon hard, landing flat on my back!! It was so weird because I couldn’t feel anything at first. I thought I might be paralyzed. Then I realized that I’d fallen onto that type of fall/winter grass that are really sharp, hard and straight — the kind that hurt your feet if you walk barefoot on it (if you know what I mean) — and they had pierced my body, or at least my legs ’cause that’s what I could see when I was finally able to move my head — all the way through. I remember what the sky looked like and how amazed I was at how calm I was feeling!! It took a while, but I was able to get up slowly and then I began walking away from where I’d landed, still amazed I wasn’t dead. I began walking faster until I was at a normal pace and was feeling fine, walking toward where I thought I could find my way back to where I was supposed to be. Then the dream continued on in an entirely new direction (no pun intended) that I couldn’t remember when I woke up. My first waking thought was, “I landed after a long fall and didn’t die!!” HA!! 😀 Shot that myth to pieces, didn’t I? 🙂

    Just thought I’d share that with you, Summer!! I hope it puts a smile on your face!! 🙂

    • That did indeed put a smile on my face. 🙂 I always love to learn what people dream and when their dreams go against what so-called experts say can and cannot happen in dreams. Your dreams are so interesting. The one that defied the falling to death in a dream theory was great, yet scary at the same time. What I found most intriguing about it, is how you were impaled essentially by the grass, yet got up eventually and were fine afterwards. Isn’t that just amazing!?!? I think our dreams can be so beautiful sometimes, and allow us to do what we wish so much we can do in real life… just get up one day and all of the negative disappears. Dreams are just amazing to me.

      I know there are researchers who are trying hard to better understand dreams, but I’m curious if they will ever be able to accurately do so. And, really, I’m not sure if I’d want them to. There’s a part of me that wants to have all of the answers about dreams, but then another part that does not. I think, sometimes, dreams (not nightmares) are wonderful when they remain mysterious. It gives us more to think about, or interpret in our own ways, which allows for our creativity and experiences to take hold. It adds a unique flavor to life, I guess.

      I have a similar-sounding book to yours about dream interpretations too. Mine is called, “10,000 Dreams Interpreted”. Awesome book! I used to always read it after strange dreams that did not make any sense to me. But, I haven’t done so in quite some time. I got really into it during high school, and my friends loved calling me and asking me for interpretations too. I should start doing that again. It could definitely be comforting at times, for sure, and give me some insight that maybe I can discuss with my therapist.

      Thanks so much for sharing your dreams and your knowledge about the subject. I always enjoy learning more about them. And, thank you again too for the smile. 🙂

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