My Top 5 Music Choices

Aimer Shama suggested that I post my top 4-5 music picks that I really like. I love music, so this is going to be tough to narrow it down, but here it goes! If some of the links don’t play due to copyright issues, then just click the windows and they’ll pop up in a new window on youtube.

1. I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon – Ernie

Ok, so this one isn’t that tough to put as number one ‘cause it’s my all-time favorite song. I know it’s a kid’s song from Sesame Street, but it’s always had a special place in my heart since childhood. I still tear up sometimes when listening to this, depending on the mood I’m in at the time. I love it, and it speaks to the love of family and friends.


2. World Keeps Turning – Brett Dennen
Brett Dennen is one of my favorite artists. His music has meaning as he puts thought into every word that he writes. He’s not as well known as some of the so-called musicians of today, which is too bad ‘cause he really deserves more recognition. This song hits a chord (no pun intended) with me. For me, it’s a song about life and how struggles exist all around us and mess with our lives in often-unpredictable ways, but the world still continues to move forward.

As a side note: My dad came in the house one day after borrowing my car for a quick errand. He loves to use it for the easier parking since his vehicles are larger. He came inside the house and started humming the song for me. He asked me what it was called and who sings it, and continued to hum it so that I would know which one it is. If you knew my dad, you’d know that him humming a song isn’t something you hear everyday. He loves his music, but he’s more of a silent listener. Anyway, I told him who sang the song and what it was called and ever since he’s been a fan of Brett Dennen. I think it’s cool when you can have the same interest in music as your parents. It kind of merges the age barriers and gaps a bit.


3. Maybe I’ll Catch Fire (Acoustic Version) – Alkaline Trio
This song grabs me each and every time I play it. I have had this one on repeat many times, as it just gets to the very core of all of the thoughts and darkness that exist inside of me, that no one in my family or friends want to really hear. Its words are perfect for the pain and the thoughts from both the bipolar and OCD that intrude into my life all of the time. I always feel like this song was written just for me. Many people feel that way about different songs, and for me, this is mine.


4. The Beauty in Ugly – Jason Mraz
Another one of my favorite musicians is Jason “Mr. A-Z” Mraz. I love this song so much! It’s one of my favorites due to its message. Beauty is more than just skin deep and the world needs to realize it. As someone who has always struggled with my self-esteem and body image, I find this song so inspiring.


5. Dancing at a Funeral – Brett Dennen
This song is another favorite of mine. I want it to be played at my funeral. I don’t want people to remember the sadness of my funeral, but rather happiness for me finally being truly happy and at peace.


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Music Choices

  1. I LOVE “I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon”! A friend of mine recently posted it on Facebook, so I found it a terrific coincidence it should appear on your blog, too. What a sweet, tender song. Ernie just touches my heart here. Long live the Muppetts! 🙂

    • Yes!!! 😀 It’s such a touching one. It will always be my number 1 favorite. That’s really cool that a friend of yours posted it recently too. Ernie is making the rounds. 🙂

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